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BCIC International Biomedical Entrepreneurship Competition 2023

SLS has 7 projects that were invited to the BCIC International Biomedical Entrepreneurship Competition 2023, connecting high-quality biomedical start-ups with investors and other business accelerator resources.

1. SEDDS PCC® Breaking the Chain of Infection

2. A 3 peptide COVID 19 vaccine mixed with tetanus vaccine as a universal booster against all past, current, and future SARS CoV 2 variants to end the pandemic

3. PTH (34-amino acid polypeptide) Microneedle Patch

4. T4 and T4-like phage biotechnology for Covid-19 Vaccine

a. T4 Phage Vector Broad-spectrum Covid-19 Vaccine: T4-63f

b. T4 Vector Trivalent Covid-19 Vaccine – Targets 3 specific proteins

c. T4 Vector Broad-spectrum Influenza Vaccine

d. Protein A for Antibody Production

5. Oral Insulin and Analog 505B2 Project

6. Oral GLP -1 505B2 Project

7. Oral Lovenox/Enoxaparin sodium 505B2 Project



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